Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Space Adventure

This week the children of room 14 wrote about a space adventure. All their stories were very different. Here is Kiarah's wonderful story.

One day in space town there lived a woman and her name was Sam she didn’t have that  much money because she worked as a car fixer , she only got 50 dollars an hour just enough to  buy food  and pay rent each week. One day after fixing a car sam went home and she received a letter from the planet company and the letter said  “you have won  two tickets to go to any planet you  and your friend  choose!” Sam was so excited. She chose the friend that she wanted to go with and his name was Jack. After  one hour they packed a speaker,toothbrush, toothpaste, food, clothes and lots of water because they were saying in space for two days.  

The day after that  they went to the planet company and they got to go in a flying car, but first they  they had a good look at all the engines. Sam and  Jack looked at all of the ships and rockets. Jack asked Sam “ what are we going in i forgot ?” Sam said “we are going in a flying car!” After all of that they got into their astronaut suits and got into the flying car and set up the car and  off they went to  planet jupiter. Then something bad bad bad happened their engine  run out of  oil ,but the car was on top of jupiter.They didn’t  know how to get back home though. Luckily they saw some aliens that had some oil but they had to communicate Sam knew alien so it wasn’t a problem Sam asked them and the aliens said “yes”  they put some oil in the car and went to sleep. The next day they woke up and ate some food, had a boogie and got changed in their clothes then their suits after doing that they set off home and cooked some dinner after that Sam decided that Jack could move in with her Sam asked Jack if he wanted to move in with her and he said “yes.” After that they both went to bed, before going to bed sam shouted” i’m  going to be famous, but both of the were  famous. The next day they got a job as a astronaut, they flew all around the solar system every day and night.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Place Value

Last week all of Room 14 have been learning about place value. They have learnt how to expand and contract numbers and how to add numbers using hundreds, tens and ones.

This is Israel's wonderful maths. Well done Israel.

This week we are learning about place value and adding hundreds, Tens and Ones. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Fairy Bread Recount by Kristopher

On thursday we made fairy bread. first we washed our hands and put one glove on. After that we got a piece of bread.we got a knife.we buttered the bread.we put some different kind of sweet and crunchy sprinkles we got a shape cutter or something’ and shaped it like a star.when know one ate a piece of the bread i was sneaky and i took I bite of it my friends were going to tell on me.but chaun took a bite to we asked miss Davis if we could eat it now chuan was eating the whole thing very fast. Me and siua were like wow he must be a hunguest. It was fun making it and i hope we do it again.

Have a look at my blog.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Jezer is a Star!

This term Jezer explained how he is a Star. We think you are awesome Jezer.

today am learning to be a star.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Creative Animation

This is Atawhai's wonderful animation.

We made a tamarereti video  to celebrate the seven matariki stars.I hope you like it. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Technology of Kites

Israel's Reading activity. This term we have been learning about technology and making kites. We have made a range of kites and discussed the technology. This is Israel applying his knowledge from what he has read.

This week we are learning about Maori Technology.So far it is so cool learning about this. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Goal Setting

At the end of the term we write about what we are proud of and set goals for next term. This is Keyana's reflection. Have a look at her blog for more of her amazing learning. 

I am a star.
These are my wish's and why I am a star.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Fairy Bread by Kitione

Last thursday we were making fairy bread.first we put the bread on the plate next we buttered it. later we put sprinkles on our bread . I am so hungry that I just want to eat my fairy bread .

After we were finish I had so much fun and was my best thing I did . it tasted sweet and crunchy.  it was for matariki.

See Kitione's blog for more awesome learning. 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Chaun's Tamarereti Movie

Chaun's Movie about the story of Tamarereti. See Chaun blog here.

i am learning about how tamarereti was afraid of going past the lake.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Teingoa's Tamarereti Story

This term we have been learning a lot about the story of Tamarereti. Teingoa retold the story in his own words. Well done Teingoa. 

A long  time ago there was a village next to a lake. When it was very dark people didn't go outside because they could not see. But there was a boy called  Tamarereti who was a brave warrior. One morning he was so hungry. He went fishing and got lots of fish. Then the wind went away so he just went to sleep and waited for the wind to come back. Later the wind came back and took Tamarereti to a different island. It was getting dark so he ate the fish and after he was finished he did not know where he was and he knew
the taniwha would come and eat him.

He took some shiny pebbles and threw them in the sky so he could see. When he was back at home he went to sleep. Then he woke up when it was morning because someone was at the door. It was Ranginui. He came and said to Tamarereti “thank you for lighting up the sky.” The end.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hendrix Ran Away!

Last week Hendrix applied his knowledge of prepositions to create his own story with picture of himself. He used screencastify to record his story. Great work Hendrix, Room 14 and Miss Davis are proud of you.

This we learnt about prepositions and we wrote a story based on our book. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

We are Stars!

Last week we wrote about how amazing we are and the things that make use a Matariki Star. This is Angelica's wonderful I am a Star poster. Great work Angelica we know you will achieve all your goals. 

                           Today we were writing about our self and how we are stars this is mine.
See Angelica's blog for more of her awesome creations.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Kharizma's Movie

This term Kharizma work very hard to create an exciting animation. She drew all the picture and wrote the script. Her animation retells the story of Tamarereti and how he put the stars in the sky. 

Great animation Kharizma. To see more of Kharizma's creative work check out her blog

Friday, 7 July 2017

A fun last day of term!

Today Room 14 had the movie and popcorn they had earned with all their hard work this term. We started off the day by icing biscuits and decorating them with some lollies. We also decorated cups for our popcorn. After morning tea we watched the movie Meet the Robinsons. This movie linked to our term theme of Now That Is Thinking! We enjoyed thinking about what is possible when we think, create and keep moving forward. We also learnt that we often learn more for failure than success. If something doesn't work the first time as creative inventors we must keep trying and designing to achieve success.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Flying our Kites

Room 14 have been waiting and waiting for a windy day to fly our kites. But we never got one. So sadly we had to made our own wind by running. Today we took our kites outside and ran around the court to see if we could make them fly.

We really enjoyed testing our kites and now we have taken them home to wait for a windy day to see if they will fly without running.

A Special Visitor

This morning Gabby brought a special visitor to Room 14. It was a seven week out bunny called Tiger. Tiger happily hopped around the classroom and Room 14 really enjoyed petting Tiger.

Thank you so much to Gabby and her Family for bringing Tiger in to visit us.

Tamarereti Animation

This term we have been creating animation about the Tamarereti Matariki Story. This is Kiarah's wonderful animation. We hope you enjoy the story.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Wonderful Production

This week we were so lucky because we got to go and see the creative and inspiring production put together by the year 5/6 extension group. The children wrote, acted danced, designed all the sets and more. It was so wonderful to see and a group of students working so hard to create something that entertained and inspired their whole school. They told the story of a group of children travelling through time and learning that life is more than just spending time on your computer.

Well done to all the student involved Room 14 loved your show.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Making Kites

We have been working hard all term to make strong kites that will fly without us running. We tested all kinds of materials and decided that plastic was stronger than paper and that we needed a strong frame to hold our kites together. We also talked about how have limited instruction made kite making more challenging.

First we had to tie our plastic sticks to create a cross. 

Then we had to put string around the outside to make a solid frame. 

Some of us found this part very challenging but by working together and helping each other we created string kite frames that were ready for their plastic. 

Once our plastic was on our kites we added a tail and some string. 

Now we just need to wait for the perfect windy day to fly them. We have learnt a lot about kites this term and we look forward to sharing our reflections on how they fly.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Rainbow Stars

Today Room 14 made rainbow stars. We made them with fairy bread and the best part was that we got to eat them. It was loads of fun and we enjoyed eating the sweet crunchy bread.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


This term we are working on creating an animation that retells a Matariki story. We have been working hard to create our images for our Animations and we wanted to share some picture of us hard at work.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Flying Things

This term we have been learning about flying things. We have made paper kites, Paper planes and now we are beginning to explore how plastic can be used to make our kites even stronger.

We are excited to share with your our journey so far as we explore the technology of Matariki through creating kites and paper planes.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Dance a story- A visit from the NZ Dance company

We were so lucky to have the New Zealand dance company come and share their amazing talent with us. The way they used dance to tell and story was awesome. We hope they will come again!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Making Kites

This term we have a Matariki and Technology focus. As part of this focus we are testing a range of materials to make kites.

For our first task our teacher gave us some materials and we had choose and make a kite with very few instructions.

Here is Suades presentation

We had lot's of fun making these kites but found that they would not fly on their own. We had to run with them to make them fly.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bin it movie

This term Room 14 made amazing animations about why we need to put our rubbish in the bin. This is Angelica's Movie. We love the way she has used detail in her pictures and made a thoughtful voice over to explain her thinking. Ka Pai Angelica!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Life Jacket

Last week at Swimming Room 14 got to experience using a life jacket and learn some of the important skills they might need if they were to fall out of a boat. They learnt that it is important to always wear a life jacket when you are out in deep water.

This was great fun. We are so grateful for the experience. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

The Great Maths Challenges

Last week on Friday Miss Davis challenged room 14 in work in small groups to solve a whole range of maths problems. They had talk about what they were doing to help each member of their group build their mathematical knowledge.

We had some questions about place value.

Some questions about addition.

Even some about fractions.

Room 14 had a lot of fun and have asked to have a maths challenge again this week. We can't wait to share even more maths fun with you as the year goes on.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Jump Jam

Today Room 14 joined with the rest of team 3 in the hall more some fitness and fun. We really enjoyed Jumping and Jamming with our team 3 friends.

Below are some picture and videos of our awesome dancing. 

We hope you get to do jump jam again soon. Thank you to Mr Moran for organise this fun time!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Swimming recounts

This week we worked on writing creative recounts about our experiences at swimming. The aim was to use time connectives correctly to enhance our writing.

First we watched this video to help use remember all of the cool things we did at swimming.

Then we used wrote our awesome stories. Here are some examples. 


When  we went to hop in the G.I pools I felt very excited to swim. First we had to go under the water for 10 seconds to wet our body.Then we grabbed a board and  stood on the wall to wait for the instructions.After that the instructor said when we swim we point our feet and  we put our feet together and kick fast. And when you do the streamline you have to put your head down and if you want to have some air you lift your head up but you do not stand up you just lift you head up. After we swam by our self then we went under the lane rope and sat on the  stairs under the water then the instructor said “you have to  kick your feet fast and you have to point you feet.”  Then  the instructor was testing us then she said  when you are finished kicking your feet go under the line and stand against the wall. And wait for the instructor to tell us what we have to do”.Finally  the other class came to swim but we had 1 more minute to swim then we  hopped out of the pool and got our towels and went back to class.  got changed into our school uniform and went out to play.

Last monday room 14 were getting changed for swimming. We line up for swimming l was excited.` then we were in the shower it was cold . next we went to the pool when we got in side we were kicking the water. after we were doing crocodile hands on the swimming borid. Next we did the starfish and turning around . we put our face in the water for ten second. We went under the swimming borid . then we did  the stream line .i had fun.

On Monday room 14 started swimming I felt a little bit nervous  First the swimming coach did the roll and we could only say yes if we were swimming. Then we put our towels on the chairs and then we got in a line then we walked to the showers so we can get all the stuff off and we walked in them four at a time then when it finished we had to get out. Next we walked back to the pool then we got in it then we started our first lesson.After That we learnt how to get and we had to do it nicely for our first lesson we got our diving boards and we learnt something with it. Lastly we got out of the pool and we got our towels and lined up then we walked back to class then when we got back to class we went to get change then when we got outside we only had half of lunch time.Finally when the bell rang we went back to class.At the end I walked back home and had a shower then I started playing on the the tv until 9o cloack.

on Monday my class went to the gi pools. Then I went to get changed. After we walked to the
Pools  we put our towels on the chairs  and we went for a shower. We came and listen to Kat say the roll. Next we climbed in the pool. We went swimming to the island then swimming back to the wall.   After that we did streamline we kicked our feet after we went back to school.

Duffy award

This weeks Duffy award went to Keyana. She did amazingly on her reading test and has joined in with a positive attitude to her new reading group.

Well Done Keyana! Room 14 and Miss Davis are very proud of you!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Reading Buddy

Last week Israel took on a very important job. He is now working with some of the year 1 children to help them develop their reading skills. It is wonderful to have Israel helping these beautiful children learn. He is a wonderful reader and it is great for our young Pt Englanders to have such a great role model.

Keep up the Amazing work Israel. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Our Dragons

This week we wrote a description of the Smallest Dragon. The children all came up with great descriptions and thought carefully about the name they would give the dragon and what they would do with it. 

The world’s smallest dragon is an amazing creature, it is so tiny that it sit on only two fingers of a human hand. cute even it has see through wings it has two ams and it has 6 finger all together but it only has 3 finger Topic:Caring for the Dragon Caring for this creature is a challenging task and should not be taken on without serious thought. If that was my dragon i will care for it and look after it and give it some food and let it play around . if it fly around my house will let it do it that. Topic: Playing with the Dragon AJ Dragons are playful creature and they love to play games with children. If everyone was not home will take the dragon to my school so i can play with it so i can not be lonely i will play fun games like play on the park and make it fly then we can have a break like eating some food from in my bag. 

The world’s smallest dragon gets its name because it is tame and small. It has wing a tail. It also has spikes on his head. When it breathes it breathes smoke out his nose. If I had one I would call it mike because it has spikes. It would live in a little dragon bed. We would play tag.

The world’s smallest dragon gets it's name because it is small.  
It has a hairy tail.  It also has two wings. When it breaths fire comes out of the mouth. If I had one I would call it Hendrix because that my name. It would live in my bedroom.We would play tag. 

The dragon is so cute I wish that was my baby pet I would call it lightning bolt. It has a hairy tail and it blows out fire. Its Wings are very soft and his 

Claws are very tiny.First I would build my dragon a little house to live in and I will put little dragon food in the house. but if bolt does not want to sleep in his bed I will put him in my bed.Next I will play a game called hide and seek with lightning bolt.I will be the seeker and lightning bolt will be the hider and there is no way I can find bolt because he is so tiny but it would be cool if I can fly.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

PENN Movie

This is our PENN movie for term 1. In this movie we share just some of the exciting stuff room 14 have been up to this term and you get to see all our beautiful faces.

Thank you for watching please leave us a comment.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Today was our first day of swimming. Everyone was excited all day long. After arriving at the pools the 24 children from our class with their togs got ready to swim. The wonderful instructors put the children into three groups. During the lesson each group learnt new skills and began to gain confidence in the water. 

It was fantastic to see so many people from our class swimming. On Wednesday we are aiming to have the whole class in the pool. 

We had an amazing time at our first swimming lesson and can't wait for Wednesday!!